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More than
40 tips
and techniques
to create
"faux" stained










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I am very pleased to annonce that it is now possible to order
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Stained Glass Painting
Create the look of stained glass, the easy way
Julie Lafaille

ISBN 9780811714198

Mix media, Pebeo, Vitrail


Pattern packets

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Faux Vitrail Techniques DVD (Pebeo Vitrail products)
More than 40 tips and techniques
to create "Faux" stained glass

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Pattern packet

Realize wonderful pendants usign
Pebeo's Vitrail, Moon and Prisme products. 20 detailed design include!


Stencil Collection

This stencil can be used in several ways:
- To add dimension to a project (modeling paste)
- To emboss cardstock (scrapbooking) - To draw and paint the pattern
- To texture glass (faux stained glass) - To make a sponge effect - Etc.

ex: China paint with the stencil Bonsaï #1002

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New book (#2) availlable

Discovering Arts in Canada is pleased to present our second article
about Julie Lafaille’s designs and patterns. ....

Discovering Arts in Canada met a designer at the Coast to Coast Creative Arts convention that was held in Mississauga, May 2012. Your Art Product Team is pleased to have the opportunity to review one of her products, entitled Faux Vitrail Techniques
(on glass and plexiglass) DVD #1.
.... pdf

Angela Scherz from Pebeo introducing Julie Lafaille's Faux stained glass pattern packets
at Coast2Coast 2012 Decorative Art Convention in Toronto.

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